Optimized Goods Collection

The collecting path for every worker is based on custom logical criteria for the warehouse

Mobile Ready

The user interface is optimized for smaller screen sizes for better portability and usability.

Controlled Environment

Assign job queues to particular person and get automatic load balancing.


Create virtual 2d/3d map of a warehouse with software for 3d design of your choice. Then you can pin certain positions in the model for faster access or initiate revision process accordingly.

The logical structure of the warehouse is represented by a tree of nodes, based on the nested shapes inside the input 3D file. For better optimizations and logistics a certain number of way points are also being gathered from the floor of the same  (or other) 3D model


Optimized Package Handling

All goods which must be taken out from one or more warehouses are being processed in groups which makes the time spent inside the warehouse minimal. Custom rules can be set for certain warehouses or areas inside the warehouse, which will limit unnecessary unpacking of big packages or respectively collect lots of small pieces instead of taking it in one big piece.

The grouping of the goods is made transparently as the new requests for goods expedition arrive, without the workers even noticing.

Worker Queues

Multiple queues can be attached to a warehouse or areas of it. Each queue is assigned to a single person at a time. As the new request for goods expedition arrive, the overload of the workers is being spread across the queues available. Each queue is sorted in the fastest collecting path possible, so the worker doesn’t end up bouncing around the warehouse losing time.

If any of the goods in a queue stays way too long with processing status (because of sorting or other goods reordering), it gets higher priority, so it can be processed further as soon as possible.

worker with fork pallet truck stacker in warehouse loading furniture panels
transport logistique

Realtime Information Flow

Monitor everything inside a warehouse as it happens in real time. Active Users, Queues Load Status, Queues with Processed/Unprocessed and Collecting/Waiting goods statuses, Server Load Status, Real time Activity Log.

Handle faster missing or moved goods. Manual transfer work from one queue to another.

Access levels

Control the access to certain functions and sections with sensitive information at user level

Flexible workflow

Set custom rules allowing you to control how goods are being exported from the warehouse

Increase Productivity

Work process speed up and tasks optimization using highly parallel and scalable teamwork strategy

  • Comprehensive workflow control, based on certain warehouse zones and goods parameters
  • Centralized syncing service for the common tasks
  • Continuous and automatic input of documents (orders, expedition notes) for goods expedition/revision/move from one or more warehouses
  • Fast interface for barcode readers input of each operation
  • Reports and charts, suitable for wide range of devices
  • Management and zoning of warehouse areas
  • Dashboard with real time activity monitoring
  • Simulation modes for fast testing and resolving of issues inside the warehouse
  • API for third party software access