Expert online store

We present you the latest development of the company EXPERT-M. It is a collaboration of ERP EXPERT M and online store MAGENTO. This shop is one of the leading shops for online trading in the global Internet space and the best thing is that this product is OPEN SOURCE solution.

Functionality of MAGENTO you can check in the official website magento

We will briefly introduce the most common functionality of MAGENTO, and made ​​further development of our company.


Why we choose Magento as the best solution for online shop

  • Magento is a freeware system for download and use.
  • Multi-site functionality. With one Magento installation you can control several sites, each has its own design and products.
  • Ability to import and export large quantities of products without restrictions.
  • Search and sort products according to several criteria simultaneously.
  • Built-in SEO functionality, tags, descriptions, clean URLs, well structured and clean code.
  • Google analytics is integrated into the system.
  • No restrictions of ordered products.
  • Opportunity to compare products.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Submission of an order from 1 page.
  • Placing an order with multiple shipping addresses.

Additional developments made by Expert M

  • Connection to ERP Expert M, sending confirmed orders

    Connection to ERP Expert M, sending confirmed orders, automatically change order status by reverse communication with the ERP.
    Automatically changing order status to completed after shipment and sending e-mails to client on every status change.

  • Additional functionality to products import and export

    Ability to export products with desired attributes in CSV file.
    Import of products with all additional attributes with CSV file and automatically uploading all images associated with them.

  • Module for products attributes translation

    Additional very easy to work with interface for translation of product attributes on all languages simultaneously.
    The system automatically notifies which product needs translation for the selected attribute.

  • Setting and adding supplier companies

    Setting and adding supplier companies, which clients can select from checkout interface for products delivery.
    They are not shipment companies, but different offices of our company in different cities for example.

  • Create specific prices for specific customers

    Additional ability for setting specific price for specific product for one client, not for a group of clients.
    Can be used to create tier prices for a client based on ordered quantity.

  • Module RMA

    Added ability clients to publish complaints for their orders after order is completed.
    Clients can input different information according complaint reason like transport damage, wrong delivered product, normal product return as per law or other.

  • Caching and accelerating the system

    Caching and accelerating the system to maximum by caching every page and storing it with unique key.
    Compression of cached pages to save space on server’s hard discs.
    Different caching criteria depending on clients – are they logged or not, is client a BOT machine or real person.
    If a page is loaded from cache Magento is not making even one connection to system’s database.
    Automatically cache clearing on various criteria.

  • Module for creating user groups with specific prices and terms of payment

    Ability to setup specific prices and discounts to customer groups and display different payment agreements according customer group (if client is company or physical person).

  • Adjustable content blocks, such as menus, pages, ads, blocks with products, promotions

    Ability to hide, show or change position of every block directly from interface without the need to change system files.
    Create menus, advertisements, promotions, import JavaScripts and PHP scripts inside new blocks.
    Exploit protection after inserting scripts.
    Creating blocks that includes products selected by different criteria – advertisements, promotions, related products, most ordered products etc.

  • Module allowing customers to change the design of the online store

    After installing more than 1 design, clients can change the appearance of the online shop as they like most.

  • E-bay § Amazone connector (Afterbuy)

    Module for communication with the API of E-bay and Amazone online trading platforms. Automatic sending and synchronization of product descriptions and attributes. Receiving orders from E-bay and Amazone platforms.

  • EU Compliance & Regulations

    Compliance to visualize the products, their prices with or without VAT, trade agreements and purchase fees depending on the supplier and payment. Showing the basic price and discounted rates in main measurement initial shipping tax calculation for every product etc.

  • Products 3D model display

    Ability to visualize the 3D product model. Customers can rotate and view it from all sides, to increase or decrease the size of the model.

  • Additional taxes

    Аdditional taxes on various criteria, such as a combination of shipping company and payment method or a combination of other criteria, such as product attributes, categories and more.

  • Additional modules and customisation

    We are developing different modules and system customizations by client’s criteria without functional limitations of the desired modules.

Expert ERP + Expert MAGENTO

  • 1. The customer makes an order

  • 2. The customer pays the order depending on their chosen method of payment

  • 3. After payment our module changes order status to ready for proccesing

  • 4. Sends data for ready orders to ERP Expert M for proccesing

  • 5. Notifies customer

  • 6.
    Billed to order, packaged goods and sent to the customer

  • 7. ERP “Expert M” sends information to the module that the order is processed and sent.

  • 8. The module notifies the customer